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Seeking Data Scientists - Use data and experimentation to advance product innovation at Grab!

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  • Hey, I’m Joel! With a strong interest in branding, marketing and design, I am actively pursuing relevant education and experience in the field!

  • Hi! I'm Charmaine and I'm a Marketing graduate from the Singapore University of Social Sciences who is passionate about the dynamic and ever-changing media industry.

What we do

Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading superapp that provides everyday services such as mobility, deliveries (food, packages, groceries), mobile payments and financial services to millions of Southeast Asians.

Grab aims to use technology to empower its communities and elevate the quality of life for everyone.

Why we do

1. Trust that you will have a safe ride
Travel with confidence knowing that Grab’s top priority is your safety. From driver safety training and vehicle safety checks, to personal accident insurance coverage for all our drivers and passengers and government partnerships to promote safety, you know we have your back.

2. Take the transport option that fits your need
We put freedom in your hands. The most transport options, at every price point, with comfort, speed and affordability – you can have it all at the touch of a button.

3. Let us take care of you
We believe that a sustainable business is one that improves the lives of the people it touches – passengers, drivers, employees, governments and society at large.

How we do

Life at Grab is all about positive disruption – and yes, crazy days are part of that package too. Still, that’s never stopped a Grabber from having fun. In fact, it’s what keeps us motivated to shake things up further.

Life as a Grabber means succeeding in a culture of passion and innovation. We are hungry to make a difference, and recognise that good decisions often come from the heart. We are humbled by our communities, and are proud to serve them with honour. We come from all over the world, united by a common goal to make life better everyday for our users.

If you share our mission of Driving Southeast Asia Forward, apply to be part of the team today!

As a new team member

Hello there! Have you ever wanted to build customer-facing products that rely extensively on data insights and models? Have you ever been keen on building a recommender model to customise your Grab app (or any other consumer app) experience? If you answered yes to either of these questions .. then look no further!

Get to know the team :)

The Analytics team mission is to use data and experimentation to advance product innovation. We love building hacky products to test and iterate what’s best for our customers. As we ship multiple products every week, it means we have to fine-tune models, run and evaluate hundreds of experiments weekly! We are looking for junior and experienced data scientists to build a center of data excellence for Product & Experimentation in a diverse range of tech families. Your role is to guide a data-first approach to product thinking, design controlled experiments and be objective while evaluating results, all of this while working with stakeholders to evaluate new and innovative product and business ideas! You will help developers, designers & product managers across the company with recommendations on how to learn from unexpected results, study underlying causes for them and iterate on the next set of products to build for our users.

What Will You Do?

You will be working closely with various teams within a business line (Product, Business, Engineering, Design and Data Science) to understand data requirements, identify and track key metrics, and provide data-driven insights. You will also work with stakeholders to evaluate the feasibility of new business/product ideas and provide appropriate recommendations.

A Day In The Life of a Data Scientist...

- Understand business objectives and deepdive into existing data to recommend new product ideas to solve for the most impactful customer problems (pssh .. some top-secret products await you!)
- Use data to identify trends, spot anomalies and deepdive into their root causes
- Use your number-crunching and slide-maker skills to use and present data beyond just numbers. Hone your data storytelling skills through visualisation techniques by building dashboards and presenting insights to a non-technical audience!
- Evaluate the feasibility of developing new products, participate in user researches to validate customer problems
- Align with stakeholders on key product metrics, design and propose experimentation strategies.
- Launch A/B tests, analyze experiment results and provide recommendations
- Design and own frontend and backend data specs for new products, while collaborating with engineering teams to ensure accurate and timely data collection
- Develop and maintain data pipelines to fulfill product reporting requirements

What are the Must Haves?

- A curious and confident soul (with a dash of humour) who loves using data!
- For Data Scientists, some relevant experience and for Senior Data Scientists, 2-3+ years relevant industry experience (preferably in an Internet or ‘Direct to Consumer’ company with high velocity data and scaled controlled experiments). Prior experience with Product Management will be a definite plus.
- Strong statistical knowledge - ideally having utilized controlled experiments in the industry.
- You enjoy using SQL, Google Sheets, R, SQL and other scripting/programming languages to solve customer-problems. Experience in Spark (Scala / pySpark) would be a plus.
- Strong data visualization and storytelling skills. Experience in creating dashboards using Tableau and other visualisation tools.
- Self-Starter: Ability to work independently and drive own projects.
- Ability to deliver on tight timelines and move quickly with cross-functional teams to execute on decisions while maintaining attention to detail

If you are eager to join this team, grab your opportunity and click "I'm Interested!"

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  • Seeking Data Scientists - Use data and experimentation to advance product innovation at Grab!
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