Systems & Storage Specialist (Team Lead)
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We are looking for a highly skilled Systems & Storage Specialist to join our team!

Hitachi Systems Network Technologies Pte. Ltd.

What we do

Established in 2003 as I-Net Solutions and acquired by the Hitachi Group in 2015, Hitachi Systems Digital Services has transferred its business to Hitachi Systems Network Technologies in 2020. Headquartered in Singapore, Hitachi Systems Network Technologies is one of the leading Information Technology (IT) Service Providers for providing a comprehensive suite of IT Solutions in consulting, system integration, maintenance, IT outsourcing and managed services, striving to be an advocate of technology innovations and to deliver the best services to all customers with the utmost integrity.

[ Information & Telecommunication Systems ]
Our products are central to our innovation. But they are only one part of our solution. What sets us apart is our ability to see the bigger picture and add value to your processes – to make your lives simpler and better.

Whether it's big data, mobility or cloud, our real-time information analyses, and business intelligence tools enable you to work faster and smarter.

[ Power Systems ]
At Hitachi, we are fueled by our drive to look beyond the usual for sustainable and affordable energy solutions. Some we source from the ground and above; some we dig underneath. Regardless of the source, we generate power in a way that is safe and sustainable, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

[ Social Infrastructure & Industrial Systems ]
From transportation and building facilities to water treatment and desalination systems, our industrial and infrastructure technologies are constantly in action, making your lives safer, more convenient and comfortable. You might not notice us, but we are there with you, working for you behind the scenes. Whether you’re taking the train in the morning, going up the office elevator or enjoying a refreshing glass of water, chances are you’re surrounded by Hitachi’s products and solutions.

[ Electronic Systems & Equipment ]
Today, we enjoy the reputation of being a producer of high-quality electronic devices and semiconductors that are used in a wide array of manufacturing sectors. In addition, our medical equipment technologies, in particular, our “patient-friendly” machines that reduce the patients’ exposure to radiation continue making waves.

[ Construction Machinery ]
Leveraging our extensive industrial experience, technical superiority and global footprint, we bring you an extensive range of highly reliable and sophisticated machinery and equipment – from excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks to compaction equipment and cranes – that ensure better efficiency, quieter operation and lesser burden on the environment.

[ High Functional Materials & Components ]
At Hitachi, we specialise in the development of these technologies. We use our expertise in nanotechnology and other specialised disciplines to create high functional materials and components that empower our customers to bring forth new innovations.

Our Amorphous Metals Metglas® is a great example of this. The product uses its low energy loss properties to enable the development of small, lightweight and highly efficient amorphous transformers. Similarly, our NEOMAX® technology leverages its sintered magnetic properties to power big and small machines.

[ Automotive Systems ]
From starters, alternators, flowmeters, testing equipment and batteries to suspension, braking, navigation and other sub-systems, we use our expertise to help leading car manufacturers create better automobiles for their customers.

[ Smart Life & Ecofriendly Systems ]
Whether it’s our eco-friendly home appliances or smart beauty products, we have engineered them in a way that you enjoy maximum utility, comfort and savings, in addition to making a healthy contribution to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Why we do

Hitachi believes in contributing through our Social Innovation Business. That means we study the problems that people face daily, assess how existing technology can be used to solve those problems, then anticipate and analyse the challenges ahead. Through careful, detailed research, Hitachi creates new technologies that not only make life better, but also make the world a better place to live in.

How we do

We are constantly increasing our presence through our forays in information & telecommunication systems, power systems, social infrastructure & industrial systems, electronic systems and equipment, construction machinery, high functional materials and components, automotive systems and home appliances, among many more.

As a new team member

Are you interested in IT systems and are keen in analysing data? We are looking for a skilled Systems and Storage Specialist (Team Lead)!

Job Description:
Troubleshooting and maintenance for hardware and O/S issues.
- Support acquisition, installation, maintenance, and administration of large enterprise SAN,
NAS & enterprise Backup and VM environment.
- Troubleshoot, perform root cause analysis and identify system and storage related problems
in areas of Microsoft/Linux/NAS/SAN.
- Knowledge of cloud management in AWS/Azure and 0365.
- Participate in 24/7 standby rotation, major incidents and reviews
- Provides Virtual Machine Support in terms of configurations for current on boarded systems
- Managing storage of VMS (datastore and storage system) Configuring Monitoring tools eg.
SolarWinds, HP IMC etc.
- Perform day to day to System Administration to our managed customers
- Ability to interface with customer on project specification and delivery
- Ability to perform VM/Storage/Policy design for server deployment in a complex environment
- Perform configuration updates, such as modifying configurations, signature definitions or
implementing new policies on GPO in MSFT Windows Environment.
- Perform system software maintenance and system upgrades including service packs,
patches, hot fixes and security configurations
- Coordinate and, in many cases, implement fixes (patches, configuration changes and so
much more) for discovered issues
- Perform proactive maintenance, upgrades and enhancements to our customers.
- Liaise with vendors and other IT personnel for problem resolution
- Cultivate and advise advance system design methodology and standards to our managed
- Implement security tools. policies, and procedures in conjunction with the customer's network
and security team

- Preferably certified in either MS Windows/Linux/AWS or Azure.
- Diploma or Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
- At least 3-5 years experience in Network & Security technologies

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Hitachi Systems Network Technologies Pte. Ltd.
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  • We are looking for a highly skilled Systems & Storage Specialist to join our team!
    Hitachi Systems Network Technologies Pte. Ltd.