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We are a Socially Responsible Hiring Automation Platform, join us as an Account Executive!


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  • Josephine Chia

What we do

We put what is missing in 99% of the ATS back to mathilda.io. Key functions like scheduling, feedback management and rejection management are what recruiters do day in day out.

As an early stage employee, you can look forward to high internal mobility with huge learning opportunities covering different markets and get hands on the latest technologies. You get to work with a small but agile enterprise class framework running a strong development practice, amongst a non hierarchical atmosphere.

If this mission resonates with you, join us in our pursue of balancing the power between job seeker and hirers. Join us to make sure candidates never get a "Don't Hear Back" and even open new doors for them. Join us in helping great recruiters relieve themselves from voluminous menial tasks to treat every applicant with care, to guide their hiring team and to be proud to fly their employer brand.

Why we do

Frustrated with the state of hiring inefficiency and job seekers' despondency, we started mathilda® because we believe we can use technology to make an innately human process - hiring/job hunting, a rewarding and pleasant journey.

The mathilda® Story
We are a group of people with decades of recruiting and enterprise software experience who believe in the power of technology to solve recruiting challenges, without losing the human warmth.

Problems we solve:
• Bad Candidate Experience – from the first hello, having interview preparation notes to tracking Candidate Experience Scores and final offers/rejection, the candidate will always have a proper closure versus the current 95% of applications that goes to a blackhole. This hurts employers branding and eventually revenue.
• Inefficient and ineffective hiring – mathilda® has developed features cut manual process as much as 70% through automation.

We think like recruiters, behave like candidates and prod like an interviewer. With these different perspectives, we developed mathilda® as we believe everyone deserves a good, if not, awesome interview experience. And good experience develops a good employer brand.

Our Solution
mathilda® is an interview experience platform that transforms the interview experience and allows companies to build an exceptional employer brand in the hiring process.

By designing for the stakeholder experience instead of a job process perspective typical of the 1.0 generation of ATS, we take into consideration how each user will want to use the software, from recruiters to hiring managers to agencies and candidates.

These include:
• Reforming the current chaotic interview process
• Sophisticated interview scheduling system; self-service to recruiter assigned scheduling
• Transforming the Candidate, Hiring Manager, Agency and Interviewer experience
• Helping hiring managers make fast yet validated hiring decisions
• Collecting smart feedback anytime, anywhere
• Automating coordination work and minimize intervention for recruiters

How we do

Other than autonomous culture, we are also big on team work, being accountable on getting things done while having the space to engage with people from different cultures, accommodate and respect differing opinions and perspectives.

We are a team generous with both honest praises and constructive feedback. Trust that everyone is doing their best only when proven not in rare circumstances. But we are also driven, sharp and efficient with our most precious commodity, time. If you are someone who uses time well, you will fit right in.

As a new team member

BD Manager, HR SaaS
This role requires an experienced hunter sales personality, who needs go out and find new business with HR and TA as the target audience. A logo hunter with keen objection handling skills and a deal closer.

Who are we
Mathilda® by Astarel is a HR automation platform that focus on making hiring efficient, transparent, and socially responsible. We make the world a better place with proper closures, automate menial hiring efforts and make it easy to have data for good hiring decisions.

• Create and execute action plan to establish business with new customers, including gathering prospects, canvassing, presentations, getting key decision makers and closing the sales
• Build both short- and long-term forecasts
• Build both short- and long-term sales strategies
• Attending trade exhibitions, conferences, and meetings
• Provide customer and market feedback to the company

You will do well if you have
• Preferably has HR/TA network,
• Strong sales hunter mentality focused on finding, qualifying, engaging and closely customer accounts
• Demonstrable experience with successfully executing to annual and quarterly quota
• Experience building out winning short- and long-term strategic and tactical plans
• Experienced in account management and/or business development roles
• Creative revenue generator/contract negotiator
• Quick thinker with the ability to quick read and assess people and close sales
• Goal oriented and naturally motivated to reach goals
• Prior experience in SaaS sales and/or HR industries is a bonus

You will fit the culture if you
• Have exceptional interpersonal/communication skills, written, verbal, non-verbal cues
• Quick on the take, understand what is being said and no said by prospects and what is needed to move the opportunity to close
• Are able to establish and maintain excellent relationships and credibility quickly
• Have great team camaraderie while respectful of everyone’s opinions and differences
• Mature; provides a good balance of risk taking and judgment; is confident without being arrogant.
• Get-it-done, no excuses mentality
• Are good with relevant CRM and productivity software such as, but not limited to, MS-Office, HubSpot and Lemlist

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Company info
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  • We are a Socially Responsible Hiring Automation Platform, join us as an Account Executive!