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アカリエでの時間。 1.未来課題の解決(やりがい・コミット) × 2.新価値事業の立ち上げ(ワクワク・スピード) × 3.かけがえない仲間との出会い(感謝・認め合い) 仕事で使う貴重な時間を、このようなコト・イミアイ・ナカマで過ごしませんか? ーーー 東京外国語大学外国語学部卒業。専攻はドイツ語。アメリカ留学などを経験した後、外資系のマーケティング会社や消費財メーカーで経験を積む。父親が終末期医療を受けたことをきっかけに、最期まで生きがいを持って人生を送るための、社会の中の課題の多さに目を向ける。その後、業界大手の有料老人ホーム運営会社に入社。新ブランドの立ち上げや経営企画部長を経験する。自ら新しいサービスをつくりたいという想いから、2014年より、アカリエヘルスケアカンパニー株式会社を立ち上げ、代表取締役に就任。現在に至る。 ーーー You're welcomed to join Akarie when you're inspired to consume your precious time among those committed with addressing the issues that affect our future daily livings and creating shared values that we currently don't own. Kenichi TAKAHASHI is currently CEO at Akarie Health Care Company Co., LTD., a human and technology powered business start-up. The company runs not only home visit care giving services, but technology oriented business such as HR monster (human resources management system) provides consulting services in the nursing space and is developing devices (mainly medical/nursing care devices) for the elderly. Previously he was Corporate Planning Director at Benesse Style Care Co., Ltd., in Tokyo, offers wide-ranging nursing care services and private nursing homes nationwide, from July 2007 to July 2012. In this role he was responsible for planning and control of business strategy, improvement of operating profit performance of the existing homes through elaborately analyzing each P/L statement, a newly priced brand launch of nursing homes and nursing home operation as project leader. Prior to this, he worked for Unilever Japan K.K., one of the world's largest consumer goods companies, June 2005 to June 2007. He led over 50 market and consumer insight researches and workshops per year to support the business decision of each project of personal wash products.

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