5 Good Signs of Cross Platform App Development Company

Business success is about perfect timing, it’s about reaching your target audience at the right time with the right product. For a long time, building mobile apps was costly and time-consuming. But thanks to cross-platform apps, you can now create business apps that run on multiple mobile platforms using a single codebase.

Unlike native apps, cross-platform apps have 50-80% reusable components, require a small team size, and need almost half the effort required to build platform-centric apps. Besides being compatible across all popular OS platforms, cross-platform mobile apps take less time to market and are easy to maintain as well.

If you are planning to create a cross-platform app for your company or business, there are two ways you can do that:

Hire a team of developers and build your app in-house, or Outsource the entire app development to a third party

Both options have their pros and cons. However, if you look at it from a pure business point of view, option 2 seems a natural choice.

Unless you have the experience of building mobile apps, managing every aspect of mobile app development from planning to testing to deployment in-house can be both time and resource consuming. By outsourcing cross-platform app development, you can stay focussed on key business areas such as marketing, scaling, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing for Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Do you know that on average companies can save up to 30% on their operations cost by outsourcing their IT needs? But this is not all!

There are tons of benefits that come when you choose to partner with an app development company. Some of these include:

Outsourcing is way more cost-effective. You can save up to 75% on development costs incurred with an in-house team.

Outsourcing offers easy access to top talent. Outsourcing companies have the best team of developers and designers as well as use top of the line testing automation tools for uncompromised quality control.

Outsourcing reduces app development risks and eliminates vulnerabilities related to data and information security. The partner takes ownership of everything, including adherence to deadlines, protecting sensitive data, etc.

So, now that we know that an outsourcing partner works like your extended arm, helping your enterprise or business with a well-coordinated and dedicated team that works 24*7 to build the best cross-platform app, the most important question though is:

How do you pick the right cross-platform app development company?

Here are five signs that you should always keep in mind and never ignore.

#1. A Strong Portfolio

First and foremost, try to learn more about the projects and clients that the company has handled in the past. This will give you a fair idea about the credibility as well as the scope of the work done by the company.

While you go through the portfolio, keep an eye on the following factors:

Features and diversity in the mobile application they have delivered in the past.

Product and services cost they have mentioned.

Based on these factors, evaluate if the company ticks all the right boxes as far as technical expertise is concerned. Next, compare the cited development costs with industry standards. If the service cost seems fair and their portfolio matches up to your expectations, then you can go ahead and look for other key signs listed below.

#2. Customers’ Reviews and Feedback

Try to get in touch with companies or business owners who have previously been associated with the app development company. Collect their feedback and review on a range of factors including:

  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Meeting project deadlines
  • Work culture

You should always remember that even if you outsource your app development needs, you still will have to communicate and work in tandem with the outsourcing partner. In such a case, there must be some intersection between your and your outsourcing partners' work culture. CUstomer reviews and feedback will give you a fair idea about these important factors.

#3. Experience with Key Frameworks and Tools

If you have a particular framework or tool in mind, your development partner must have project-level expertise. At times developers may not have any prior experience of working with a particular tool or framework. This may eventually impact development deadlines, code quality, and the overall performance of the app.

Hence, it is always wise to confirm your development partner's expertise and experience and the technology stack they offer. It is always wise to hire partners who have a certified team of developers and project managers to stay on the safer side.

#4. Social and Community Presence

Both social and community presence is of primary importance to mobile app development service(hybrid or native). In your case, if the potential cross-platform app development company has :

  • An active social media presence
  • A strong presence in tech forums, open-source communities
  • and, shares timely updates on best practices and trends in technology through a Twitter profile, Quora QA, website-blogs, etc

It is then a good indicator of the credibility, expertise, and professionalism of the potential partner.

#5. Testing Measures and Post-development services

Last but not least, don’t ignore testing post-development services. You don’t want to publish an app without any plan to maintain, backup, and upgrade in the worst of cases.

Suppose the app development company follows the latest Quality Assurance and testing measure and promises high-quality post-development services. In that case, you can always consider them as good signs of a cross-platform app development company.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

It would be unfair to highlight only five good signs when other factors deserve equal, if not more, attention when choosing a cross-platform app development company.

Here are some equally crucial factors that must be on top of the priority list when dealing with a potential app development partner:

  • Requesting a clear cost and time estimate
  • Defining security mechanism for app data
  • Evaluating legal documentation and non-disclosure agreements
  • Transfer of 100% ownership over the source code

Concluding Thoughts

Hiring a cross-platform app development company is a significant investment. We hope you will use the above information to evaluate and choose a development company that delivers on your expectations.