Thinking about Life.

When I was in my teens, my mother told me study hard, get in a good university, find a stable job, and settle down for life.

There are no stable jobs, no long-term prospects, and only those who are full of life experiences. If you like it, just do it. Don't like it, go do something else right away. Guarantee yourself 100% enthusiasm.

Maybe people will say that you choices are too many, there is no professionalism.
Yes, how long can your profession last? For a lifetime?
How to ensure your future has prospects?

Technology is improving every day, and old technologies are being eliminated every day.
Every day, new businesses born and die.

I follow these 3 rules.

  1. Continue to do new things.
  2. Do Things that you interested.
  3. Don't be afraid of failure.

If you don't find a job you like, make one by yourself.

Here are my dreams,
Universe developer, deep sea explorer, singer, dancer, musician, photographer, game developer, web engineer, system designer, ML engineer, farmer, or build my own company.

Some of it were done, Some are not.
I will continue to do more and more.